Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Miku Hastune Live

If you like anime,
cute & cool music,
or just want to watch something interesting....

She looks so real in her 3D hologram self. 
This song is adorable, but the subtitles are a little wrong.


Friday, 6 May 2011


Koakuma Goth Puccho

The popular Puccho combines their tasty flavors with the Gothic Lolita style.
 Koakuma means “little devil”.  

Blueberry Rose Flavor
Peach Rose Flavor

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


 Yes, I am Mapling now...
The World Map (I'm in Victoria Island)
One of my favorite places, found on the World Tour.
I want to thank my friend for taking me here ^_^v
The first class I played, Aran
 What an amazing online game. The world is large there is so much variety.
I started playing with the Aran class. Her name is Idunnr :)
I now have a Gunslinger and I LOVE IT. Her name is CuteEri.
My buddies are so very nice and have helped me alot. I owe them!
Please play with me!!
Start your account at

*edit~~~ this is an older post...more to come about my adventures in Maplestory.
So Please Follow This Blog <3

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Shugo Chara

I'm Currently reading

It's really cute! I just love it. 
The possibility of love between Amu and Ikuto drives me crazy , I hope they get together!
This anime has a great story about a girl trying to find herself and the friends she makes on the way.
I never really post much about anime or manga cuz I really don't want to spoil.
So I recommend this to people who enjoy cute and funny anime, especially ones with little sprites.
Amu is so cool, she is a character you will quickly begin to love :3

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Play Vending Machine Game

∞This game basically requires you to insert a coin/object and give smth out by the next person.∞

Insert a coin/object (ANYTHING), then someone answers it by ''vending'' out something.
Then insert a coin/object for the next person to vend out something.

A: *inserts coin*
B : u got aaaahh!!! grandma's old set of fake teeth! =P *inserts cellphone*
C : u get a broken ipod. *inserts candy*
D : you get a milkshake =D *inserts book*
...and so on.
Hence, I'll start 1st (see comments)!

Request Candy, Games, Drinks, etc HERE

            I wanted to do something a little different and cater to my blog viewers. On the comment section below, please feel free to request anything you'd like to see or have me find . Some examples of things you can request are candy/drink/treats flavors, recipes for desserts, bizarre candy/drink/treats that you've heard of or want to know exists, anime/manga reviews, anime/manga suggestions, cute or bizarre toys/products, where to find_________, candy/drinks/ treats from a certain country, etc. Be creative and honest, I want to make my you and other viewers happy ^_^ You may also use the comment section below just to say 'Hi' or 'I like this'. Thanks!