Thursday, 16 August 2012

Angel Beats! ~Anime to Make Your Heart Beat ~

Angel Beats is an anime I watched a couples months ago. I recommend it to all anime fans. It's got both shoujo (typically aimed for girls) and shounen (aimed for males) styles. The story is overall a beautiful tale of the development of friendships and teamwork. It's cute, mysterious and for the guys... there is even some awesome fight scenes. 

In this anime the band Girls Dead Monster is formed. You may already know them. LOL I knew them before I ever knew about Angel Beats :P~~ silly I know. If you dont know them already I recommend searching them on Youtube.  Or you can check out this channel I subscribed to , it's dedicated to all anime music lover's. You can find Girls Dead Monster and more on it :)

Well, I don't like to be the spoiler of any great anime ... so I'll let you seek out more info. 
Go wiki it now or head on over to start watching a free stream :

Enjoy :3 nyaaaaa


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