Friday, 17 August 2012

A Maplestory Lovestory

has been made a spot in my heart forever.
I'm about to share with you something dear to my heart,
a real life fairy-tail that began in the Maple World.
This is the lovestory of how I met my boyfriend and 
how an innocent relationship bloomed since my last Maplestory blog post.
This is the story of my character CuteEri and his character Letter7 in El Nido, Maplestory.

             It all started about the second week into playing. I met a player (who is now a dear friend I'll refer to him as D.) The first day we met D. noticed I was new and needed training. I just wanted to level up, so he suggest I go to the Mu Lung Dojo. I had never heard of it, but he said it was easy to get to (a portal through each Dimensional Door in every town leads you there) and so we went.

At the dojo sat a guy named L3tter7. I had said hello and asked him to join our party, but he was too low level... so we left him at the entrance. After a few battles, upon leaving I saw Letter was still there...just sitting there. I thought he must be lonely and waiting for people his level to play with. So D. and I chatted with him a bit. He seemed pretty cool and nice. I befriended him and that was the beginning of our friendship. Every login after that Letter was usually on at some point and we would join up, party and train together. Soon we made a guild together and every time we logged in would immediately teleport to be by the others side.

Eventually after playing together for months, and slowly getting to know eachothers personalities and interests, we decided to add eachother on FB and then chatted anytime we werent gaming. Later our FB chats moved on to xbox live mics and we talked for hours and hours. To make a long story short... our friendship grew into love. It was a complete surprise and a strange one too, since neither of us we looking to date or ever tried online dating before.... we were only innocently playing a fun game. Although I have left out lots of nerdy details, the point is love shows up where you least expect it, when you least expect it. We eventually started webcaming, and after a longer period of time I made a decision of a lifetime and hoped on a airplane from America to Australia to meet him and is family in real life. Of course this was after I had already webcamed with  his mother and father, and my parents met them online as well, still it was a  bit scarey. Everyone thought I was so brave. Turns out is has been one of the best decisions I made. He was everything I knew, but even better because he was real and now longer stuck in 2D. We are now living happily together in Australia. We will be together for a year on Dec 27, 2012.

We still have our Maplestory accounts and play them on and off, but are planning on playing it more frequently lately. We got married in Maple and just logged in today for our 100 day commitment ceremony.

If you play Maplestory and love our story, you can feel free to buddy me and I will add you to our guild :) We are looking for new members to join Sw33tSpot  ~~~ I would love to make new friends too ^_^ especially from people who have read my blog ~~~hehe ^^ See you in Maplestory !  Or if you want to know more about this game click here for the MapleWiki.

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